On a Fine May Morning

Candy Seance

'On a Fine May Morning'

Having written so many short stories this year I thought I'd try and write an album full of very short songs. It didn't exactly work out that way as a few of them took steroids behind my back and turned into fully fledged songs. I could have erased them with a big magnet but....... once the genie is out the bottle. A number of people in a number of ways have helped me complete this album. So many thanks to Julie Adams, Steven Patrick, Terry Hopwood-Jackson, Teri Rowan, Caitlin Sagan and Gordon Davidson.

Cover art by Terry Hopwood-jackson. Lettering by Caitlin Sagan.

Candy Seance is -


 Allan Watson - Guitars/Vocals


 Julie Adams - Flute
 (The Water and the Grain, Lady of the Runes)


Steven Patrick - Bass Guitar
 (Pig in a Poke)

Track Listing

On a Fine May Morning



The Water and the Grain

Sun Spots

Pig in a Poke

Lady of the Runes

Long Way Round

When I close My Eyes



God Beats a Black Tambourine

Art Credits
On A Fine May Morning - Terry Hopwood-Jackson
Trains, The Water and the Grain, Sunspots, Pig in a Poke, Lady of the Runes - Teri Rowan
Long Way Round, When I Close My Eyes, Stay, Gpd Beats a Black Tambourine - Caitlin Sagan
Unstitched - Gordon Davidson


  1. I particularly like Caitlin's painting for "When I Close my Eyes". Really stunning. Some of the best music I've heard in a long time.

  2. I've been fortunate enough to have a sneaky listen to Allan's new album but despite Allan being very modest I have to blow his cover - these new songs are wonderful and I'm afraid he's going to have to accept that people are going to love it.

    Being so talented must be such a burden! Great artwork too :-)

  3. Beautiful music, Allan. Writing fiction, writing songs, playing guitar, singing, recording... when do you sleep? Keep up the great work.